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Take advantage of college funding strategies for the higher income family.
Pay for college with pre-tax dollars by using “Tax Scholarships” and have the IRS pay a big piece of your college expenses.
Pay for college and still be able to save for retirement.

Are your assets or income too high to qualify for "need-based" financial aid?

If so, like most families, you probably assume there is not much you can do to reduce your college expenses. Nothing can be further from the truth!

The families who pay the lowest college costs are the ones who have taken the time to understand and control the college funding process. Believe it or not, in many cases, higher income families can lower their college expenses as much as families who qualify for financial aid.

No matter what the income level of the family, surveys routinely find many parents are unaware or underestimate how much cash they will need during their children’s college years.

Very few families have set aside enough cash to pay for four years of a college education for their child.

In addition, many parents pay for college without even considering how it will affect their retirement goals.

What are you doing to minimize your family’s
out-of-pocket college costs?

Find out how you may be able to save tens of thousands of dollars on your child’s college education.

Fox College Funding provides customized planning to reduce your family’s college expenses. We will provide you with unique tax reduction, cash flow and academic strategies that can dramatically lower your college costs.

Do not enter the college funding maze blindly. Have a custom college funding plan created so you won’t have to spend your life’s savings or hard earned income on college. Good planning could save you literally tens of thousands of dollars.

Few families and professionals are even aware this type of planning exists. The results for your family from this type of planning can be nothing short of amazing. (Please reference our Case Studies.)

Do not confuse this type of planning offered by other companies that focus on helping families qualify for more “need-based” financial aid. Our services are targeted to families who would not normally qualify for need-based aid.

Upper-middle to high-income and high net worth families have a unique college funding problem. College is typically paid for with after-tax dollars.

This means that if your family falls into one of the higher tax brackets you may have to earn almost double the actual cost of college to pay your expenses!

If your child is considering attending one of the prestigious private colleges this could mean an after-tax outlay of over $250,000. (Four years of a university charging $40,000 will cost a family in a 35% federal and 5% state income tax bracket $266,667.)

It doesn’t have to be that way! Customized planning for your individual situation can help increase your income, reduce your taxes, and reduce your overall expenses.

We specialize in helping you fund college costs in the most efficient manner and still enable you to save for retirement and other financial priorities.

Learn more about the services we provide.

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